Sandwich Substitutions

     Here's a few ideas for delicious sandwiches that are lower in fat and or calories, or just different enough to be new and interesting.

     There are so many types of breads, tortillas, and rolls but for a different twist make an inside out sandwich by putting the meats, cheeses, and garnishments inside a hearty piece of lettuce which you can wrap.

     Drop your beloved mayo and replace it with a thin slice or smear of avocado. Yes avocados are high in fat but it's the good fat that helps rid your body of the bad fats Also using about a fifth of one isn't too high in fat or calories.
     Many people like pickles, I know I do, but the amount of sodium is really bad for me and many other people too. May I suggest replacing the pickle with a crisp slice of cucumber or a fresh Kirby ( a small cucumber pickle before it's pickled) and a few sprigs of fresh or even dried dill. When you use dried herbs  remember to crush them between your fingers first to release their full flavor.

     If you must have cheese on your sandwich use shredded instead of sliced cheeses. Try cheese made with skim milk or use a slice of avocado to take the place of cheese. If you want a cheese flavor, just sprinkle a little grated cheese as you season your sandwich. photo credit: abbyladybug via photopin cc
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